Nordisk offers translation services in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian. We also provide translations of the Nordic and Baltic languages into English, German and Russian and vice versa.
Three core values of Nordisk are honesty, zest and quality.

Honesty - we are honest both to our customers and to the translators. We are transparent in our communications with our clients, setting realistic deadlines and informing about the progress of the projects. We give notice about the delays, if they may occur. We don’t promise what we cannot deliver.
Zest  - for us it is not enough with the customer satisfaction alone. Our goal is to impress the client in an effort to deliver more than is expected.
Quality - Nordisk provides high quality due to the fact that we specialize in certain language combinations. Since our inception we have built a database of more than one hundred translators and interpreters in the Nordic and Baltic languages. Quality is also ensured by the fact that we respect the work of our translators and don't expect them to work for pennies. Our translation standard includes juxtaposition and editing.
For loyal customers and building long-term partnerships we offer a special discount of 5-15%, depending on volume and regularity of the order. Volume discounts are also aplied to larger orders (> 10 pages).



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